Week 51 - Clinton, Oklahoma - June 23, 2013

Mi querida familia,
What an awesome week!!! The Worldwide Training Broadcast last night was an especially inspiring way to finish it off. All missionaries got to attend, and our district is feeling especially excited. I think I'll address a few of the insights I had first during this e-mail.
First off, can you believe the size of that missionary choir? It was like an army! I felt so motivated and inspired. This work is real!! I loved how the apostles really focused on member missionary work. We truly are entering into a new day and age where people are honestly getting really busy, and tracting is becoming less and less effective. In fact, its more effective to talk to a random person on a street than to go and knock on their door. We received word that missionaries are starting to be allowed to use FaceBook! Whoa!!! As of right now, our mission isn't authorized...we might have to wait til 2014 because they are going to start off gradually implimenting these new technology features. But this is an exciting time. This week we've especially seen quite a bit of member activity and we've seen very positive results.
For example, this week Sister Toland called us up and set up a time for us to come by and help fix her neighbor's fence. We got to meet the nieghbor and set up a return appointment. We then taught them a lesson this past Friday. It didn't go super well, but a few of the kids came to church the next day. 
Then this week, we met with another progressing investigator and brought the Relief Society president. She is a convert of 6 years and has a powerful testimony. She also is able to connect with the investigators on a way that us as missionaries simply can't do because we've grown up in the church. The Relief Society President did a great job, and the investigator came to church with her husband and son. The son is very interested and wants to get baptized!!! After church, he was asking all these questions about how to get baptized and missions and stuff like that. He's 14, and has such a strong desire to change. Members must participate in this missionary work. I feel like a hypocrite writing these words because there is so much more I could have done before I came out on my mission. But it must happen!
Another miracle we saw this week came from a hispanic family we are teaching. The mom finally opened up to talk with us and you can tell that she felt the spirit of our message. We then had another lesson with the whole family and also a member present. The Spirit was felt 10 times stronger. 
Miracles happen when members and missionaries work together. 
Our District is also planning on starting up a Bible Study in the coming weeks. These next few weeks we're going to take time to plan and advertise. I'm really excited for this idea! I felt the idea grow even stronger as we were watching the Training Broadcast. I just hope this doesn't turn into another one of those missed opportunities that Elder Nelson talked about. 
Miracles are happening here in Clinton. I wish I could go on and on.
But the greatest miracle is the miracle of repentance. Our natures can change when we sincerely admit our sins and repent. It takes courage.
My companion is such a great example of that. I will be forever grateful for his example and his faith.
I love you all! Have a great week and I cant wait to write to you again!
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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