Week 49 - Clinton, Oklahoma - June 10, 2013

Mi querida familia,
Hola! Que tal? It's been a long hard week here in Clinton. We haven't been able to contact our baptismal dates that often, and just this morning we got a text message from one our progressing investigators saying (paraphrasing here): "Hi, a gentleman I'm seeing has requested that I stop visiting with you guys. Thank you for your sincerity and good luck with the rest of your mission."
NOOOOOOO! I called this lady right back after she texted this. She didn't answer, but I left a voicemail calmly explaining how we want to visit her at least one more time to see if she'd been praying and reading about the Book of Mormon and such. It was pretty bold, and I think I kind of scared my companion a little bit. They think I over did it, which I might have. But it's just really hard for me to give up on someone just over a text message!!! It's a delicate situation, because we don't want to create a negative experience for this lady by annoying her, because she might accept the gospel later down the road. But, if she is making this decision based on a guy she is seeing...there must be some misconception that needs to be addressed.
Anyways. That's the extent of drama for the week. Things are slow right now, I honestly think it's because we need to work harder and talk to more people. Perhaps we also need to try a few more finding techniques.
Miracle for this week: we found Stetson! What a cool guy! He's a young adult , a little older than us and he is very interested in listening and learning about the church. He's a  Free Mason, so he is very spiritual and open to new ideas. We had a great first lesson with him, he seemed intrigued by our message about the restoration of priesthood authority. We invited him to read the Book of mormon, and pray about it. And right when we were about to invite him to baptism....He had to leave!!! Man, it's so hard. But he said we can come over anytime.
We met another free mason this week who had investigated the church when he was younger. We talked with him and he is very interested in family history. He showed us this huge pedigree chart that back to the 1600s. It really helped him open up to us. We're going to try and visit him again and share a message on family history and how the keys to sealing the hearts of the children to their fathers has been restored through Joseph Smith.
Tornado clean-up is officially over for the mission. There aren't too many more projects for us to do, the rest I think has to be done by professionals or something like that. But it's been a once-in-a lifetime experience to help with Disaster Relief. I'll remember this expereince for the rest of my life.
Now we have to deal with the heat of an Oklahoman summer! We're ready to go! I just got a flat tire this morning, but that's ok, its only the 5th or 6th one!
I know this gospel is true. People can change. The responsibility we have as missionaries can be a little daunting at times, but the Lord works miracles regardless of our inablities. We were recently approaced by a pentecostal preacher, and he proceded to preach at us a little asking us if we preached about Jesus. What a sweet sensation it was to testify that we know Jesus was the Christ and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. He disagreed about the latter part, and I asked him if he wanted to know if our message was true. He said no and we parted best of friends. You feel empowered when you stand up for your beliefs.
Estoy agradecidos al Senor por darme este experiencia a servir una mision. Habra muchisimos milagros en los proximas meses si yo soy listo y disponible a trabajar.
Que Dios les bendiga!
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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