Week 48 - Clinton, Oklahoma - June 3, 2013

Mi querida familia,
O que hermosa manana, o que hermosa dia, tengo buen sentimiento, todo se ira bien!
Great week, as usual! We had a baptism yesterday for our investigator named Pat. She is so amazing, 66 years old, and she was extremely humble enough to teach. The experience we've had teaching her has been incredible. She amazes us everytime we visit her. From reading the Book of Mormon every day, to numerous hilarious red-neck stories (such as burying her cat alive), we have loved every minute teaching her. The baptismal service on Saturday went according to plan even though we were running a little late because we were returning from the city. The spirit was simple yet strong. The best part of the service was at the end when Pat bore her testimony. She kept commenting on how warm she felt and how she hadn't smiled in years until she started the investigating the Gospel. Her tesimony is a great example to me, and she is one of those people you can tell is converted to the Gospel.
The morning of the baptism, we had the chance to hear from Elder Rasband from the First presidency of the 70. He said some very intersting things. He opened up the floor to questions, and someone asked him how he had gained his testimony. He proceeded to tell about his ancestory and how his great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was a convert from Denmark. THe missionaries found and taught him. He left his home to come to Utah, died at sea on the way there, and his wife and children finished the journey. He said that he has "believing blood". I was intrigued because usually people steer away from saying that their tesimony comes from their family; people seem to place a bad light on being Mormon jsut because your family is Mormon. But what's wrong with that? Families play such a large role in our conversion to the Gospel of Christ. I am so grateful for my grandparents who joined the church and how they've raised their children (my parents) in righteousness, which has carried on to my generation. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real. I'm a Mormon because I have believing blood in me, I know Jesus Christ is my Savior and that this is his Church. I've also had countless experiences later on in my life that have confirmed my testimony.
Let's see...miracles for this week: On tuesday, we had a member out with us. All our appointments fell through, so he offered to take us to Dairy Queen (even though we had already eaten dinner). I'm sad to report that we almost accepted. As we pulled into the parking lot, I felt sick to my stomach. I knew this was guilt and a withdrawl of the Spirit...a stupor of thought so to speak. I suggested we go try a few more houses. We did so and after a few more houses where no one was home, we finally found an investigator at home. We had a great lesson with a member present. THe member fellowhiped amazingly, and the spirit taught true principles. The investigator opened more about her life, and it was a great experience! Obedience is requiste for miracles!!!
We didn't get to see any tornados this week. One did form about 15 or 20 miles outside of Clinton but we didn't see anything because it was dark. We took shelter just before the rain and hail started to hit. Then a major one hit on Thursday, but the sky was bright and sunny and no sign of tornados. We're on the look out this week for sever weather though. We'll see what happens.
I love you all! Thanks for the Pictures. I'm so happy for Allie, I hope she got my letter that I sent this week. Jane looks as cute as ever. That little smile of hers seems to get everything she wants. 
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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