Week 92 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - 7 April 2014

Mi querida familia,

So this week was a lot calmer than last week. No more gun threats, thanks for your prayers. We haven't had too much of anything happen this week. John is still progressing towards baptism, and we're excited for this next weekend. The hard part is just going to be organizing rides and everything since neither John nor the member he's living with have a car. 

Conference was amazing this past weekend! I loved Priesthood Session the most. Thanks for the pictures, looks like y'all had a great time. I loved Elder Hollstrom's talk. He said that one of the most dangerous statements is "That's just the way I am." Who we are is not who we can become. The mission has definitely taught me to not be content with my weaknesses. I've found it very helpful to always confess your weaknesses in prayer and then actively seek for ways to improve. The Lord can help us overcome our weaknesses and transform our natures. 

Then I loved it when President Uchtdorf talked about Rip Van Winkle and asked everyone "Are you sleeping through the Restoration?" I felt like he was speaking right to me when he said that. It's so tempting when you near the end of your mission to adopt a sleepy attitude. I'm trying hard, but I would be lying if I said those temptations never came to me. So I'll be seeking to apply the remedies that President Uchtdorf presented including loving the Lord. And I truly do love him and this work. The Lord is working so many miracles with John. 

I also think there was a common theme during conference to avoid the trap of worrying about popularity. We need to always be willing to act in courage and stand up for our beliefs. We need to be willing to suffer persecution for standing up for our beliefs. I've been reading in Acts about the apostle Paul. He stood before kings and literally said to their faces "I know that you believe in the prophets." (see Acts 26:27-28).

I also gained a more profound appreciation for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the Resurrection, Jesus was just an ordinary prophet. But we have the testimonies of the New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants to confirm that indeed Christ was Resurrected! The Gospel is so true. 

 I hope everyone has a great week! I'd love to hear what everyone thought of Conference! 

Con Amor,

Elder Powley

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