Week 91 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - 31 March 2014

Mi querida familia,

We've had some crazy experiences this week. There was a missionary in our zone who went missing on Tuesday (we found him the same morning and everything is ok), but almost all the members in our zone went on a huge search for him. It was really intense, we were praying almost every 20 minutes that we'd be led to him. Finally, Elder Beus and I and two other companionships that were searching all had the impression to go to the library and tell the people at the desk to call us if the missionary walked in. We did so and then literally 8 minutes after we left the library, we got a call from the people at the desk telling us that the missionary just walked in. Whew! Sigh of relief! Now I understand the importance of staying with your companion. There is just so much more safety.

Then just last night we were doing our planning session and we got a series of mysterious text messages. "I know where you live....you have a picture of Jesus in your window....I'm angry and have a gun..." AGHHH. The person actually texted the address of the apartments of another set of Elders in our Zone. So we called President, who told us to call the police and go pick up the other Elders and have them stay the night at our place. It was another really intense situation, we prayed really hard and then literally 1 minute after we prayed we got a text message from the same guy saying "I'm just kidding I don't have a gun...sweet dreams." Aren't some people just great?:) At least it didn't into anything more serious than that, but now we might have to take down our pictures of Jesus Christ in our windows. We'll see. All in all I am just so grateful for the safety God has been providing for us. 

We've had a great week as well proselyting wise. John is progressing really well towards his baptismal date on April 12th. Keep praying for him! He is doing so well. He'll find coffee and get rid of it, he has come to church the past 3 weeks with a member, and he is starting to ask when he can come out teaching with us! The Lord truly can work miracles with the weak and humble. Honestly a month ago I did not think he would have progressed to this point. It's amazing how a little faith and diligence can allow the Lord to work his mighty miracles. 

Here's a cool story with John: Earlier this week John was kicked out of the apartment he was living in (by his own sister it was very dramatic). He was worried about having to go live under a bridge, but then one of the members, Brother Holman stepped in and offered to let John live with him. Wow! I am just astounded every week by the charitable capacities of members of the church. It's really cool because Brother Holman was somewhat less active when I first came here in October, and now he's helping someone come into the fold of the Church. And even better, Brother Holman is going to get the priesthood on the same day as John's baptism. People changing their lives---THERE IS NO GREATER MIRACLE! 

What else has happened this week? Yesterday Elder Beus gave me a brief handwriting lesson and oh my word I can see a difference. It was like Extreme Makeover: Handwriting Edition. Who would have thought that I'd been making the loops on my 'e's and "B"s to small this whole time? Ha I love Elder Beus for being so persistent with improving my handwriting. Even though it's hard and takes longer to write, I'm sure it will end up being better off for me in the long run. 

Life is wonderful! I feel discouraged at times because I'm nearing the end and I sometimes feel like I haven't done all I could have, but I just keep working and focusing on what the Lord requires of me right now and the discouragement goes away. Work Work Work there is no better secret to missionary work than work. 

I was reading this morning in Acts 16 about a cool tracting experience that Paul and Silas had in Macedonia. They were walking by the riverside when they saw a group of women talking. They walked up and started talking with them. One of the women's name was Lydia. She had a belief in God and was a very rich merchant, and she was prepared to receve the Gospel of Christ. She and her whole household were later baptized. Talk with everyone! You just never know. We were just in line at Wal-mart and we talked with this man who's wife was Mormon but passed away some years ago. The Lord will guide us if we have faith and don't doubt. 

Have a great week everyone! I love you all and please don't freak out about the people texting us. I'm sure it's nothing and we are doing everything we can to be safe. 

Que Dios le bendiga! Siga orando por Juan, y estoy bien animado por la Cofnerencia General esta proxima semana! Escuche a los hombres y mujeres inspirados y meditar sobre sus palabras y ore por la guia del Senor! Van a tener un experiencia revelatoria. 

Hasta las proxima!

Elder Powley

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