Week 89 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - 17 March 2014

Mi querida familia,

We got transfer calls yesterday and it looks like I am staying here in Quail Creek for my next transfer. And we just had such an awesome week. We a lot of member participation, and we've had miracles in finding. Let me just say that the Lord answers prayers, and we need to take time to notice them. Answers come in the most subtle of ways that if we aren't continually watchful unto prayer we can miss them. 

Let me give one example:
We had an incredible finding miracle on Friday. Elder Beus picked a street corner (or rather the Spirit picked it and he listened to the Spirit) and we went tracting for an hour before dinner. We knocked a few doors, had a little success. Then we went to this one house and we met a young adult named Nathan. Super solid! The first indication that he was solid was the simple fact that he was watching the second Harry Potter movie when we came in. We prayed with him, and he just opened up with questions. He mentioned how he doesn't pray too often, and then he asked us why we were out on missions. Oh I wish everyone could ask us that question. Both Elder Beus and I testified of eternal families and how the gospel blesses families. The Spirit was strong and he willingly set a return appointment with us for Sunday. We had it all organized, a member was going to come out with us and we were excited. I remember asking God that he would soften Nathan's heart to accept a baptismal invitation the night before, and Elder Beus and I were also fasting on Sunday. 

One hour before the appointment, Nathan called and cancelled the appointment. He re-scheduled, but it was sort of a bummer that we got all excited for this lesson and it didn't happen. Then later that day we met with an older African American couple, Nathan and Linda. As we taught them, they readily accepted the idea of prophets and the Restoration. We read Mosiah 18 with them where it says "if this be the desire of your hearts, what have ye against being baptized in the name of Jesus?" Right after we read the Spirit, Linda starts saying "I need the Spirit more and I need to be baptized." WHOAAA! And Nathan also committed as well. It was such a great lesson. If you remember, Linda is actually the lady we met a few weeks ago who we prayed with and kept saying "ask and ye shall receive." Turns out she had met with missionaries in 1997 in Midwest city. 

Life is great. And then it hit me last night that I had asked God that Nathan will soften his heart to set a baptismal date (thinking about the Nathan we met on friday). I guess the Lord had a different Nathan in mind. I love going by God's plans rather than my own. It's so much more inspiring that way. 

This week has been full of miracles: church tour with the Stavinohas. During the tour, the daughter asked "Why do you let kids have any kind of authority" referring to how we have 12 year old deacons passing the Sacrament. We had the chance to testify how the Lord trusts His youth and wants them understanding the significance of the Atonement at a young age. And it's so true. The youth of this Church are simply incredible!

Ok funny story with our investigator John: We taught him the Word of Wisdom a few days back, and Elder Beus and I used "strategem" to help him quit. He was pretty well attached to his coffee, so Elder Beus used this awesome analogy "If I was cutting myself with a knife and hurting myself, what would you do?" John said "I would take away the knife and hide it so you wouldn't hurt yourself." Elde Beus said "Perfect, hand over the coffee:)" Oh it was priceless. John gave his can of coffee to his sister and then went to the restroom. While he was in the restroom, his sister gave us the coffee. Ahh, I love being a missionary! 

Have a great week everyone! Count your blessings! Search for the 'one"! 

Con Amor,

Elder Powley

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