Week 94 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - 21 April 2014

Mi querida familia,

This has been one of the best weeks of my mission, it's just so fitting that it's the same week as Easter as well. (Watch "Because of Him" if you haven't yet).

We've had some lovely rejection this week from tracting, nothing new. Jesus Christ was rejected and he dealt with it with dignity, so should we.

The most exciting thing was how on Wendesday we set a baptismal date with Michelle and Victoria(John's older sisters). The Spirit was so strong and then she came to do a church tour with some of the members and she seemed to really like it. The members did a great job helping her not to feel self conscious about her three kids coming to church. 
And then right after the church tour, we get a call from Tammy (John's mom) where she leaves a message saying that she has something to tell us (Elder Beus and I were besides ourselves). We call her back and she said that she just had a lesson with the missionaries and our Mission President in the area she moved to and that she is GETTING BAPTIZED ON MAY 10th!! She said that President Walkenhorst just opened up the scriptures and made it just so clear (good lesson for all of us to use to scriptures). 

This is such a miracle, 2 or 3 months ago I NEVER would have guessed that she'd be baptized. She went from completely disinterested in the Mormon church to "I'm not sure" to "I'm just waiting" to "Yes I'm ready to be baptized!" Oh my word, the Lord is in control. We just have no idea who the Lord is preparing or has prepared to receive the Gospel. We know nothing in comparison to Him. We just need to be dilligent and obedient and the the Lord can use us to perform mighty miracles in his name. 

Our calling as missionaries is real. there is just no way we could help people receive the restored gospel if we were not endowed with authority from on high. Oh my word I love my mission. I get to see a family be baptized on May 10th. We'll see if I get an extension, but I am just on cloud 9 right now! The Gospel is so true!!

And then yesterday I had the most memorable Easter of my whole life. There was no Easter egg hunt, but it was just purely focused on Christ. WE went to Sacrament meeting and then right after we left to go to another "non-denominational" church where an investigator invited us to come to their Easter Drama. This was the first time I've ever attended a "mega church" type atmosphere. It was out of control. Music blaring, pastor yelling, lack of authority, and in the midst of it all I did see pockets of truthful messages. It was so interesting. I felt awkward. the people were nice, but you could just tell that authority was not present. 

and then that evening we attended an performance organized by the Church (involoving different faiths) called "The Lamb of God" composed by Rob Gardner who I think is a Mormon. 
It was incredible! Some of the best music I've heard in two years. Tammy came, John came, and then Chris (the investigator who invited us to the Easter Drama) came as well. The spirit was definitely there even as we sat on hard metal chairs. I just love music so much! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World. 

Life is just amazing right now. I can't wait for the coming weeks. I am so grateful for my mission and how I've learned about the love of God in a way that just isn't possible outside of missionary work

have a blessed y'all!

Con Amor,

Elder Powley

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  1. Powley you are the best.i wish you could teach me more.theres no doubt you are awsome.i love how you say love for the lord cant be shown better through missionary work.no it cant cause your sacrificing so much.your so great.