Week 82 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - January 27, 2014

Mi querida familia,
Very insightful week. It was stake Conference this week. I got to translate from English to Spanish. I love translating, there is just something that happens to you spiritually when you translate something correctly from English to Spanish. It's like you hear the message twice and feel the Spirit twice (once in both languages). Donna came and sat in the front few rows. She is solid. We invited her to attend the temple on Feb. 15 for the first time and she accepted! Real growth is happening. Things have slowed down with D'Quan and his mom unfortunately. This week we're hoping to meet with them. It's just really hard because LaVonna works a lot. Keep praying for them!
Let me tell you about a miracle we had this week! About a week ago, I was on exchanges with my grandson (Elder Cluff) and while we were driving to dinner, we see this car stopped in the middle of a very busy road. We pulled over to go see if we could help. The lady (Kayla) had ran out of gas, so we offered to push the car over to a safer area. We did so and she was very gracious. She said she had been praying for help for a while and no one was stopping. We only briefly talked and we straight just invited her if she would allow us to visit her and share a message on Christ. She accepted! And this past Friday we got to teach her. The appointment was set a week in advance, we called and confirmed the night before, and we kindly encouraged her to meet with us. After a lot of waiting, she ended up coming to the Church for a lesson. When she came to the lesson, she pointed out the two things that impressed her. 1. The service we did for her. 2 The way we handled organizing the appointment calling in advance and such. I never would have thought that calling in advance would have a profound effect on someone. I guess there is something about the administrative aspect of missionary work (making phone calls, verifying appointments) that allows the Spirit to touch someone. Who knew?
Great lesson! After the opening prayer she said that she had had doubts about coming that evening, but felt a peaceful confirmation after we prayed. Kayla didn't quite accept the Restoration off the bat, but she is interested in studying more. She is moving to Georgia in a few weeks, but we'll help her the best we can while she's here.
We've many other finding miracles this week, I wish I could go on and on. But I must say that I'm gaining a stronger testimony of prayer, and letting the Spirit work it's miracles.
I also have a deeper testimony of the Restoration. We have a Jewish friend named Bill that we meet with occasionally. We were talking about the Bible and he keeps talking about how it's not accurate and such. In the middle of the lesson, it just dawned on me the importance and necessity of a Restoration. The English translation deviates very commonly from the original Hebrew version. There are many misconceptions and things that can be misinterpreted. There is no way someone can settle religious disputes with just an appeal to the Bible. Their needed to be a Divine Restoration through a living prophet. And I am so grateful for the Restoration. I may not be able to prove everything about Joseph Smith, but I know that the Gospel as restored through him by Jesus Christ has given me such a strong foundation for everything I do.
Have a great week everyone and let the Holy Ghost be your guide. He's real.
Con Amor,
Elder Powley 

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