Week 80 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma City - January 13, 2014

Mi querida familia,
What a great week! The first half of the week was super slow. We have been finding people to teach, but they've all ended up either cancelling appointments or not being too interested. Most of our joy at this time comes from seeing recent converts progress and of course the baptism we had on Saturday in Clinton.
And it was a great baptism! Cindy was baptized with no problems or distractions. Elder Tanner sang "Be Still My Soul" and I played the arrangement by Marshall McDonald for "I Believe in Christ. The Spirit was very strong. The Clinton ward did a tremendous job in supporting Cindy. I think that is one of the greatest joys a missionary can have: see the members of the ward welcome and take care of investigators. I can't be in Clinton forever, but the ward will always be there. I think this must be how Heavenly Father feels when he sees his children taking care of each other. He can't be physically with us always, but he can always count on his servants to make sure that others feel his love.
I just marvel at the progress Cindy has made. She came from not understanding in the Pre-Existence to this point where she has such a stronger testimony of Christ and his abounding mercy. I'm so proud of her and I pray that she can continue to progress in the gospel towards the temple...the place where you can feel God's love the most in this chaotic world.
I have such a testimony of the Doctrine of Christ. It can change lives as long as we remain humble and continue steadfastly partaking of the Sacrament and applying the teachings of the prophets in our lives.
Other miracles this week: almost all of our recent converts came to church this week! D'Quan and Donna came! And they both participated in the Sunday School Discussion. D'Quan gave an interesting perspective on exaltation that I'd never thought of before. It doesn't make sense that a loving Heavenly Father would want to just want one person to achieve the type of glory he has. He wants everyone to live like him! We just have to work for it. When one person breaks and Olympic World Record for the 100 M dash, does everyone just stop running? No, they keep working to achieve that standard. Jesus Christ is our examplar and he doesn't want us to fall short. We do fall short because of our imperfections but, through his grace he can lift us higher than we can imagine...if we just keep the commandments and let him.
Donna also wrote us a letter about her conversion! It's such a great letter, sounded like it came straight from the Ensign. I'll have to get a copy to send to y'all!
This week we've also been working a lot more with members, particularly at dinner appointments. We've been focusing more on trying to get commitments from people and we've seen a difference in the work.
Have a great week everyone! The work is progressing, don't forget that.
Con Amor,
Elder Powley
PS. Sorry that everyone is looking different directions in both pictures. There were like 50 cameras going off at once


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