Week 73 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - November 18, 2013

Mi querida familia, D'Quan was baptised and confirmed this weekend! Wahoooo! It was such a great service. The ward support was incredible, one of the members baptized him (his name is Jace and he's actually from Vernal but working her in OKC) and another member and I did a musical number. It was very simple and calm. D'Quan gave a powerful testimony at the end of the service and we are pretty positive that he will serve a mission one day. It's been a great week! We didn't any new investigators but we had a quite a miracle in finding an inactive member of the church. My companion and I were out looking for names on the roster. We knocked on this one man's house, he answered thanked us for coming over but wasn't too interested in coming back to church. We left a little disheartened, but then we decided to knock on his neighbor's house. A man anwers the door and invites us right in...super friendly. And then he asks us "So what ward are you in?" Looking surprised we told him which ward we were in and then we asked if he was a member. He invited us to sit down and listen to his story. He was a convert since 1996 or so, baptized in Idaho. His work had moved him around a lot. He mentioned how whenever he moved, the missionaries would find him within a month so. But when he moved to Oklahoma, it had been perhaps 6 years since he'd been in contact with the church. We talked with him, nd he still has a pretty strong testimony. He knew that God had led us to his door, he always knew one day the missionaries would find him. In act he'd always look out his window and see missionaries riding their bikes and he'd always think to himself "Oh, they've almost found me!" It was a great visit. We didn't even have to invite him to church. As we visitied, the Spirit just worked with him and he told us that he knew that he wanted to come back to the Church. WE assured him that we would be there to help him out. He goes out of town for a few weeks, but when he gets back, we'll get to work on helping come back to the fold. After this encounter, Elder Kennedy and I were just astounded. We knocked on just one door, and it just happened to be one where someone was prepared to receive us. Moral of the story: DON'T ignore a door prompting! You just never know when it's going to yield a miracle. Later that week (we were really pumped to go tracting since this experience) we were knocking doors in a neighborhood. No one received us, but after we knocked this one door, we were placed in the path of this lady walking her dog. WE must have startled her as two young men in dark suits walking up to her. He offered to come by and share her a message... she didn't quite accept it. Then we offered to a say a short prayer with her. She aggreed and asked us to pray for her father who was in the hospital. WE prayed, and after we prayed it was like the Spirit had broken down the thick wal between us and we were able to talk about the Gospel with her more in depth. She consented to give us her number and we might be able to get an appointment with her this week. Miracles all over the place! This mission is so critical because it helps develpe the spiritual sensitivity that we all need in this world that is down-spiraling into temptations and doubts. Have a great week! I'm out of time! Hopefully I can send a picture real soon of the batpism. Con Amor, Elder Powley

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