Week 72 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - 11 November 2013

Mi querida familia, I don't have too much time today, but I just want to say that I am very grateful for my mission. I've a had a few experiences today that I'd like share that have really boosted my testimony of the Gospel. First off, if you thought D'Quan was awesome last week for bearing his testimony in Sacrament Meeting...hold your breath for round two! We took him out teaching with us on Friday to go teach Lisa (the one lady we found last Sunday who lives two houses down). It was probably one of the most powerful Plan of Salvation lessons I've ever been in. It wasn't necessarily because the doctrine was so new or exciting, but it was because of the simplicity and sincerity of D'Quan's testimony. During that lessons, there were a few moments that I just want illustrate. 1. We open up to 2 Nephi 2 and read the verses that explain why Adam and Eve had to fall. As we read those verses, Lisa's eyes just lit up and she was astounded by the simplicity of the Doctrine. She kept repeating over and over "It just makes sense." 2. We invited Lisa to be baptized on Dec. 14. She declined based on that she didn't feel ready yet to make the commitment. And then D'Quan chimes in "that's exaclty what I said 2 months ago! And now I'm getting baptized this week!" 3. D'Quan testified of the improtance of coming to church. He said to Lisa "Now, there will come a time when you do commit to baptism and you'll all the sudden have a panic attack. You'll start wondering why you're doing this, if it's even right and if you're even up for it. When this happens...just go to church. The same thing happend to me, and when I went to church, all those doubts were just wiped clean." He went on to say that those feelings of doubt were from the adversary. Elder Kennedy and I were just stunned as we watched D'Quan bear simple testimony without ever having been taught how to teach. The Spirit converts even the most humble of men and causes them to speak as if with the tongue of angels. During this lesson I felt like what Alma the Younger must have felt like to see Amulek get up and testify to the city of Ammonihah about the Gospel after only been converted for a few months. I learned something that day. We are not in control of what's going on here. As missionaries we are part of something so big that we don't even comprehend the Lord's plan completely. The Gathering of Israel is so amazing and I am in awe as I witness the elect come unto Christ. The only thing we really do have control over is our will and obedience. I also learned that we must allow those we teach (whether it be our children, of investigators) to have their own spiritual experiences. When investigators have their own experiences they will become more converted. Great lesson! Other highlights, we got to go to Catholic Mass, This was my first time going. I won't go into to too much detail, you need to experience it for yourself:) But I loved singing in the chapel there. The congregation is singing almost nonstop. The Spirit was there in that room. I am learning so much, and I can see the Lord's hand. I wish I had more time to share what I've learned, but we've got to get going! Have a great week everyone! The Church is true! We must follow Christ in order to change our natures. Con Amor, Elder Powley

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