Week 71 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - 4 November 2013

Mi querida familia, Happy Halloween! We didn't have much happen this year. Cars were grounded at 6:00 so we couldn't go out and work. But we had some appointments beforehand that were really good. The real miracles that happened this week happened these past few days. I'll start off with yesterday. D'Quan stood up and bore his testimony. Elder Kennedy and I were glowing with pride as we saw him stand up and stroll to the pulpit. He introduced himself as a new member, or almost new member and he announced his intenions to be baptised. He bore a powerful testimony of forgiveness and how he felt Heavenly Father's hand in saving him. He bore testimony of how he'd been led to the church and how his family thinks he's wasting his time, but nonetheless he knows its true. It's a miracle to see how comfortable he feels in the ward. Then Mike (who was baptized last week) got up and bore his testimony. There is nothing more pure than the testimony of a true convert. Our ward has two solid baptismal dates coming up in the next month. We're excited! I am starting to realize how personal conversion really is. When new converts are baptized, I don't think we often realize the spiritual preparation process that took place before. The Spirit prepares people in such a delicate way, it's almost impossible to describe. D'Quan met missionaries for the first time a year ago and then fell out of contact with them. He was found again by Elder Kennedy. And now we are teaching him. He also has had many spiritual experiences beforehand that have helped him learn what it feels like to be led by God. That's how he's been able to recognize the truth of our message. I was on exchanges this week with one of the APs and we felt inspired to knock on this one house. A wonderful lady jumps outside and we learn that her name is Lisa. She was very enthusiastic to learn about the Gospel. We prayed with her. She mentioned how she had moved from Dallas and how before she moved she worked at a gas station. Missionaries would stop at the gas station to get a treat or something every now and then and she would talk about the scriptures with them when they came. She was prepared and just yesterday we taught her the first lesson along with 2 other ladies living with her. They also live literally two houses down from D'Quan. Member support! Heavenly Father is directing the missionary work. There are people prepared. We just need to filter out the rejection and hope that yes God will eventually lead us to those who are ready. I read in D&C 3:3 this week that It is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of man. Frustration only comes when we don't see things go our way. We can choose to not be fustrated and hope that God's work will always triumph. WE can continue in good cheer and do whats asked by the Holy Ghost. We also had a great lesson with the Stavinoha fmaily where we watched the First Vision. Once again, they felt the spirit. Slowly but surely they are feeling the spirit of the message. Keep praying for them. The Spirit has to direct what we are doing. Looking back, absoltuely nothing has happened because of something I did on my own. Miracles happen because I humbled myself enough to follow the spirit. This church is true. Missionary work is less of trying to drag people to the church but rather shines as brilliant rays of Christ-like examples (constantly inviting) and then sitting back and watching as people flock to the truth. Have a great week everyone! Look for opportunites to share the gospel. They can and will occur acourding to the desires of our hearts. Con Amor, Elder Powley

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