Week 42 - Clinton, Oklahoma - April 22, 2013 (Pics!)

Mi querida familia,
Que bendicion que estoy serviendo en Clinton! La ciudad es muy pequeno, pero tamiben es muy hermosa! Clinton me recuerda de Vernal, Utah mucho. Muchas personas son bien humildes, no hay muchos edificios grandes, y todavia hay personas quien hablan espanol. Entonces, no voy a perdir mi abilidad para hablar espanol! Tengo muchas gracias por eso. De hecho, he dado cuento que es un don de mas valor aqui, proque soy el unico elder que habla espanol sufficiente. 
I love this new area! It's a such a contrast to go from a Spanish Branch to an English ward.
So let me tell you about this past week... its been an incredible week and so much has happened.
I'll start off with one or two quick experiences I had the last few days I had with Elder Pierce. We had some great appointments! One was with Celia. We shared a message about the "Famliy: A Proclamation to the World". Oh she is so solid! But her husband is super anti religion. It's frustrating, but this lesson with Celia was a breath of fresh air because her husband wasn't there. We shared a message with her and she was very grateful because the day had been especiallly stressful and it felt good to have a lesson with us. The Spirit truly helped give her peace of mind for a moment.
Then that evening, all our plans fell through. We still had 20 minutes left...and I had a sudden impression to visit a certain house. For my entire 4 and half transfers, I've passed by this house on my bike but people have never been home, or we've been in a hurry to another appointment, or some other excuse came up. But EVERY time I passed this house, I'd felt prompted to visit it.
So this evening Elder Pierce and I went by to visit. We met the mother named Monica, and all her kids were home. She invited us in to say a prayer. We found out that her husband was in Honduras trying to figure out the legal papers and other stuff, but there was a possibiblity that he wouldn't be able to reutrn until next year. Needless to say she was stressed out with being a single mom.
She was humbled, and prepared. We had an excellent prayer where the spirit truly was in abundance, and we set a return appointment to teach the Restoration. Monica also mentioned, if it had been any other time in the past few months, she probably wouldn't have let us in.
The Lord is truly guiding this work.
Wednesday: I met my new companions Elder Beus and Elder Masters! Elder Beus and I are co-training Elder Masters who is currently waiting for a visa so he can go to Argentina where he was originally called. Don't let that decieve you, Elder Masters is a full-time missionary serving in OKC as of now, and he has definately showed that he is willing to work here. He's a great a missionary, super humble and willing to learn. Fun coincidence: turns out he was in the same district as Hermana Hall, one of my best friends from highschool and college.
First day in Clinton: Elder Beus informs us that on Saturday we have a baptism! So I guess I got to walk right into a bapitsm in this area. It's been a long time since I've been involved in a bapismal service. Her name is Rose and she is about as solid as can be! She loves the gospel! She knows that baptism isn't the end and that she'll have to keep on reading the scriptures and going to church. I can't adequately describe the spirit that was there as we taught her these past few days.
Saturday: Elder Neil L. Anderson of the 12 apostles came and spoke to  our mission!!!! It was so cool! He mentioned some very insightful things including missionary work in the United States. He metnioned how the shurch could not stand in foreign lands if the church was not first super strong here in the US. This land is a choice land and very central to what the church is doing.
He spoke about miracles, and how EVERY missionary isentitled to witness miracles on their mission. This really impacted me because before I had always thought, that I didn't need to see any miracles because I figured: I don't need to see miracles to know this church is true. I now know how very wrong I was. I am entitled to witness miracles. I need to actively seek them. That applies for everyone.
More than anything I was impressed by the presence of Elder Anderson. He was so funny, kind and serious! It wasn't shocking, or trembling to be in the same room as him. I didn't feel this wave or anything incredibly different about him being in the same room. I simply felt comfortable. I wanted to be around him more and more as I got to know him. I felt like the people in the Americas when Christ said he had to go visit other people.. a little sad, because it was just so pleasant to be with him.
He was also very relaxed, even though he was pressed for time. I can tell you right now, that I know he is an Apostle, mainly because when we were in his presence, I felt like I was in the presnece of the Savior.
Later that day, we had the baptism for Rose. Again...very simple.
Great week! I want to write more, but there is no time! Clinton is very flat and beautifual and I'm excited to be here for the next 6 weeks..perhaps longer.
Que Dios le bendiga!
Con Amor,
Elder Powley


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