Week 39 - North Oklahoma City - April 1, 2013

Mi querida familia,

We had kind of a slow week in terms of having set appointments with member presents, but the big this week is that we are starting to talk to a lot more people on the street. Since the the weather has imporved immensly in the past week, more people our outside creating perfect OYM opportunities. 

Easter Sunday was great! We didn't get an Easter egg hunt unfortunately (although I did find one of those old plastic eggs you sent for the 12 days of Christmas in December, I guess that counts). We had a companionship fast for a few of our investigators with some trials that really can't be overcome without some help from Heavenly Father. Remember the Lemus famliy we found a few weeks back? The father, Luis, was feeling really down this week because his wife and daughter left to Houston without him (because they wanted to put the daughter in school over there). It was sad because he'd only been with his family for about week, and he hadn't really seen them in long time before that. Basically, he opened up to us about he feels like an unworthy father and husband, he feels guilty of things he's done in the past and for that he doesn't think that he can be baptized. We listened and we both felt real sympathy for him. Especially Elder Pierce because he's had similar feelings of guilt before. I felt a little different. Honestly there was a point in the lesson where I realized that I truly don't understand where Luis is coming from. All I do know is where Luis can go for comfort, and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
So we invited Luis to church. That night as we were planning, we felt the impression to go by his house to make sure he was coming to church. Sure enough we went by, and he had been sleeping. So we rang the doorbell, greeted him with an enthusiastic "Feliz Dia de Pasqua" and he started getting ready for church:) An hour and a half later, we saw him at the chapel. 
I'm realizing that as missionaries, we have to be the source of enthusiasm for the Gospel. We have to get excited about what we're doing! 
Hopefully, Luis will continue to progress, the members now know him a bit and we will hopefully start to see progress. 

Other fun experiences: An old lady ran out of gas in the middle of a one lane, two direction road right at a stoplight. Promptly, Elder Pierce and I pulled over and offered our assistance. She resisted a little bit, but after calm assurance she let us push her car to a nearby parking lot. Ha ha we win! She was very grateful afterwards. We didn't get a chance to give her a card or anything, but it just felt good to do a good term daily. 

We talked with an investigator named Remijio a few days back. He's jsut moving into a new house. We were talking and he mentioned how he has plans to build a fence. I then tried something a little different. Usually, we say "Do you need any help?" or "Is there anything we can do to help?". These questions usually don't merit any responses. So I tried something a little different. I asked "Nos permitira a venir y ayudarle?" Will you permit us to come back and help you?" He kind of paused and smiled for a sec and then asked, "what day?" 

I was on exchanges with Elder Finnie this past weekend. We were riding our bikes past a house. We'd knocked it before and talked with the people. They were'nt to interested but said we could come back. So as were passing it I felt impressed to stop and try again. So I stopped Elder Finnie and said we needed to try this house. As we were locking our bikes us. A older man and a younger woman pass by. We exhange hellos and then I felt like initiatign a conversation. The best way to do that is extend your hand and introduce yourself. So we did so. WE talked a bit. The lady was very nice and asked us about what we believed. I went right into an expanation of the Book of Mormon. I always get so excited to talk about the Book of Mormon, because its something I really have testimony of. She seemed intrigued. She then explained that she was a recovering addict. I then testified that a sincere study of this book would help overcome any addiction. She seemed touched, so we gave her a copy of the Book. I left our number in the book. And we left our seperate ways. 
I guess it wasn't that huge of an encounter, but when you have these small experiences, you really start to notice the Holy Ghost in your life. If anything this mission is really helping me realize how the Holy Ghost communicates with me. It's so subtle...if you are too focussed on yourself, you can't really hear it.

I guess when it comes to helping people, you have to be willing to take initiative before it's asked for. It was a good lesson and I hope I can let it become more of my nature to see a need and fill a need. 

March just flew by. I can't believe how fast the months are going. With my year mark coming up, I've been reflecting a lot on my mission so far. This area I'm serving in has really improved since I first came in October. The branch trusts us more (as evidenced by our full dinner calendars) and we have more people to visit. 

Life's good! glad to hear everyone is doing good.
Love you all. Remember that it's because of what happened on Easter yesterday that its even possible for our family to be resurrected and live for eternity together. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and what he's done for me and my family. I only hope I can find one family out here in Oklahoma, or future family to recieve the Restored Gospel.

Con Amor,

Elder Powley

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