Week 37 - North Oklahoma City - March 18, 2013 (bonus pictures!)

Mi querida familia,

What a week. Elder Pierce and I have been busy. We've been working on punctuality a lot this week and sticking to our plans and we've seen quite a big difference. Not necessarily with the number of appointments we have, but rather just how much more of the Spirit we have. I think there's something very key in being punctual. When you are, I think the Lord starts to trust you more and then the Spirit can more fully consecrate what you are doing. 

Anyways, we've met some great people this week. Spanish is becoming more of a joy. I've felt the gift of tounges really start playing more of a role in my time here in Oklahoma.
I've found that I've been able to start connecting more with the Hispanics that I teach and communicate more than just on a Gospel level. 

Most of the experiences we've had this week have been preceded by simple thoughts or ideas that pop into our heads. Last Monday evening, it was nearing the end of the evening and we put on our list of back up plans to go try this one potential family. I distinctly remember two thoughts. "It's too late, almost 8:30 there wouldn't be time for a lesson anyways and besides they said they'd call you." 
And then as I dwelled on this thought, a 2nd thought popped into my head, and this one I said aloud to my companion "Oh what the heck, why not?! We're really close to their house." Elder Pierce liked that and we went on our way. The man and woman living there happened to be home and we had a great first lesson with them. 

Now, experiences like this don't happened every time we have a thought to visit someone, but they do happen, and it depends on what the Lord's plan is, and on the agency of the investigators. 

Another experience: WE just finished having a lesson with a lady named Nancy. After leaving, Elder Pierce and I started walking to our car. While walking, we were discussing the Spirit and Gospel matters. After a few blocks we realized that we had had been walking in the complete opposite direction of where our car was. Feeling ridiculous, and kind of joking that perhaps the Spirit led us this way for a reason, we started heading back.

Suddenly, a young man not too much louder than us called out from a side street "Hey are you LDS missionaries?" We turned and said yes. We went and talked with this man and he introduced us to his new wife of a few weeks. They were smoking, but they had felt prompted to call us over. We had a great talk, gave them a Book of Mormon and got their phone number. We still haven't been able to get a hold of them, but that's a little beside the point. The point is that the Spirit is guiding our companionship in small ways and it feels great. 
I've really felt my faith grow this past week. I am so grateful for Elder Pierce and his excitement. I can't wait to see what's in store for this next week. 

I'm loving this mission. Thank you so much for your letters of encouragement. Sounds like our family is doing great. Congratulations Alex, by the way on winning the state solo choir competition! You better send a recording of your song (as long as its mission appropriate:) Keep up the good work. 
Que Dios les bendiga. La mision es increible y le trae muchas bendiciones que sean requisitos para superar esta vida dificil. Siga el espiritu. Tenga la fe y valor para hacer las cosas que quizas no son faciles. Dios no puede efectuar ningun milagro hasta que despues la pruebe de nuestra fe. Todavia yo necisito ejercer mas fe para que yo puedo ver milagros. Pero el milagro mas grande de todo es el cambio al dentro de nuestros mismos, y el cambio en los demas.

Les Quiero mucho!

Con Amor,

Elder Powley

I've really felt my faith grow this past week. I am so grateful for Elder Pierce and his excitement. I can't wait to see what's in store for this next week. 

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