Week 34 - North Oklahoma City - February 25, 2013

Mi Querida Familia,

It's been a great week up here in the North.
This week, we've been finding lots of people to teach. We've had a lot of first lessons and we've found a few families that seem to be showing interest. I've really seen an improvement in my teaching abilities both in English and Spanish. It's incredible how when you apply the skills taught in Preach My Gospel, the promise that you will become a more effective teacher of the Gospel comes to pass. 
For example, we came into a home where the enviroment was a little loud and crazy. We applied principles found in PMG and took control of the situation. We invited everyone to sit down quietly and listen to the message. Once everyone had calmed down, we estalbished our expectations and started the lesson. In the past 9 months of my mission, I've really my confidence wax strong in the strength of the Lord. And I testify that with this family we were teaching , there was a profound difference during the lesson and after than when we started. The Spirit truly does testify to what we say. 

We also had a Zone Conferance this past week a well. President Taylor was inspiring as usual. His main training was about Trust and specifically gaining trust with the members. He related a story of how he was young lawyer when he interviewed to be in charge of all the details of a major company going public on the stock market. He made an excellent point: as misionaries we are here to serve the members. The missionary work we do is not for us as missionaries but for the purpose of strengthening the area we are working in. we in essence are being hired by the ward and branch. President Taylor told us a story about how when he was a bishop of a ward in Utah, he literally banished a few missionaries from wroking with their ward because they were so disobedient. 

Just being a missionary does not gain the trust of the members. You have to demosntrate it through your conduct and obedience. I realize I could do a little better at communicating with the people in the Branch. 

He also said there was a difference between trust and love. Just because you love someone does not always mean you trust them. God loves all his children but he does not entrust just anyone with his priesthood authority...you have to be worthy. 

These are a few insights I had.

Now for the big news of the week....I'm going to be a Dad! Let me explain this a little bit before you all freak out. In our mission we have a tradition that when you train a new missionary you become their "dad" so to speak and they become your son. For example Elder Black was my dad in the mission.

So in other words... I'm going to be a trainer this next transfer!!!! Wahoooo! I am so excited. I've been anticipating this moment for a while because I felt an impression that I would train in the coming months since Temple Conferance back in December. I know I'm not ready but I've gained a testimony throughout my entire life that the Lord will qualify everyone in the assignments they've been given as long as they are humble and desire to do the Lord's work. 

I can't wait to train. Most likely i'll stay in this area but who knows? 

The only sad part is that Elder Mendoza won't be my companion. i've been with this guy for two months and I'll admit i've become a little attached. He's been an awesome companion. He's helped me relax, have fun and at the same time take the work seriously. I'll miss him. 

Well that's about it for this week. Pray for our investigators and to soften the hearts of the members so that they can come out with us to work. 

Life is great! I can't wait to hear about Mark's mission call! Let me know where he goes.

I love you all and the gospel is definately true. No doubts. 

Quick story I forgot to mention. We had this fun lesson with an investigator where he absolutely refuses to be baptized (but he knows the book of Mormon is true..he's read nearly half of it). He doesn't quite understnad authority yet, but we issued him a challenge. He mentioned that he thinks every church should accept the Book of Mormon. So we invited him to give a copy to his pastor to read. He accepted. I look forward to see where this leads. 

Anyways, have a great week! We're having a blizzard right now so I might get some extra time to write letters to you all. 

Que dios les bendiga!

Con Amor,

Elder Powley

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