June 21, 2012 letter

The past week has really sped by. I can't believe I'm heading into my last week here at the MTC. The lessons I've learned have been so valuable, and my testimony solidified.
My Spanish is progressing, we've been working really hard on Subjunctives (which are statements where the speaker implies judgement, doubt, emotion, or influence on another person ) during our classes. It's amazing how one letter can change the entire meaning of a sentance. It's interesting to see how Spanish is actually an easier language than English. In Spanish there are many rules and few exceptions whereas in English, there are as many rules and Thousands of exceptions. I love Spanish, I've actually started saying most of my prayers in Spanish now.
This past week has been hard, but has yielded some really cool insights. We had a Sunday devotional this past week from Sister Sherrie Dew ( former member of the Relief Society presidency and CEO of Deseret Book) and she gave some very interesting advice.
Ask the Lord to tutor you.
Have you every specifically asked the Lord in your prayers to teach you how to feel or follow the Spirit? I've been trying that this past week and it's actually helped me gain a keener awareness of the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.
Likewise, I was listening to past MTC fireside with Elder Bednar and he gave some profound advice on how to recognize the Spirit. Simply this: "Don't worry about it." Most of the times in the moment, we will never know if the Holy Ghost is prompting us to do something. The holy Ghost does not always make thoughts or impressions obvious that they are from him. Elder Bednar mentioned that as long as you are keeping the Commandments, keeping your convenants and being a good girl or boy, you will naturally be lead to the things which you shall do. Remember Nephi and how he was led "not knowing beforehand the things he should do". You probably won't recongnize that it was the Sprirt leading you until maybe 20 years down the road.
Man, I am so grateful for living prophets and apostles. they open up the Gospel in plainness and truly have the Spirit with them. This week is actaully the beginning of the New Mission President seminar so this means, that a lot of apostles are going to be here in the week training the new Mission Presidents going out. This also that next Tuesday (we call it Super Devo Tuesday because we get out of class early) we will hear from an Apsotle of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! So excited!
I also had a cool teaching experience this week. Our teacher pretended to be an investigator with one of the most common and difficult concerns to address: the Trinity. During the lesson, my companion and I tried to explain to our teacher the concept of the Godhead, or the fact that HEavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three seperate beings. The Bible and the Book of Mormon back the idea that God, Christ and the Holy Ghost are one in purpose and three spepearte beings. So I took an initial approach of trying to use the Scriptures to prove my point.
Didn't work.
I could've used as much scriptorial evidence I wanted and nothing would have helped the investigator understand.
The best evidence that we have of the God Head is by our belief that Joseph Smith truly saw God the Father and Jesus Christ standing side by side during the First vision. We learned that it's best to testify that we know that the God Head is real because we know Joseph Smith was a prophet. And we know Joseph Smith was a prophet because we know the Book of Mormon is true. It all links back to the Book of Mormon and whether or not you've read and prayed about it.
Siblings-prayer truly helps. You may not feel comfort at precisely the moment you want it, but over time, you gain the SPirit of the Lord simply because you were willing to open up to him. The same applies to Mom and Dad. I remember moments during Jr. High and High school where I just needed to open up to Mom and Dad about my concerns. Although, you may initially think its awkward to talk to Mom and Dad about your problems (which is a lie from the Adversary), I promise and bear witness that talking with Mom and Dad, in conjunction with prayer to your Father in Heaven, truly heals whatever emotional or spiritual problems you may be facing.
And for some reason, I always seem to forget this concept mainly because sooo simple. And my small and simple things are great things brought to pass
The Church is True and I love you
Keep strong!
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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