June 14, 2012 Letter

Dear Family--

Another normal week at the MTC has gone by. My conception of time is becoming more skewed every day. It might be because I don't have a watch to wear, but in the mean times, I never really know what the date is. Its like the MTC has its own time zone. Time goes by quickly, I just realized that I only have 3 weeks until I head out to Oklahoma. Man, I'm excited!  My district has 13 people (5 sisters and 8 elders). We all get along really well; six of us including myself are all going to Oklahoma City the same day so we're all excited about that.
We had a devotional this week from this Russian or Swedish Elder from the Quorum of the 70 (can't quite remember his name) but he was really quite hilarious yet inspiartional at the same time. One of the biggest insights I got out of this devotional was the importance of planning. Now before you zone out because the word 'planning' sounds like business jargon that you hear in Business Management 101, let me explain why I personally find "planning" essential to increasing your ability to learn... even Spanish and the Gospel.
Before the devotional, my Spanish had been digressing. I was falling asleep during personal study, and personal language study. However, i realized the problem was that although I was praying for help in increasing my knowledge, I was not sufficiently planning. I firmly believe that God cannot bless you with his Spirit unless you yourself have made a significant plan.
It reminds me of the Story of the Brother of Jared. The Lord couldn't bless the Jaredites with light, until the Bro. of Jared put forth a plan to the Lord: Touch these stones that I have gathered and make them burn brightly. Only when the Brother of Jared showed an organized plan to the Lord, was the Lord able to bless him with a miracle.
In the case of learning Spanish, or for any subject in school or the gospel for that matter, this same principle applies: the Lord cannot help increase our knowledge if we aren't organized and focused ouselves. This insight really hit home and let me tell you, the difference is incredible. I've been able to stay awake, my Spanish speaking has increased even more, and most importantly, I am able to understand the Gosple more fully. All you have to do is write down a physical plan, present it to the Lord and ask him to consecrate it. If you give Him the tools, He will work the miracle! For example, I was in a meeting with a pretend investigator and he asked a very tough question: "If Joseph Smith was able to receive a vision, why not me?" I can't really explain it but the answer came to me as clear as day, and it came to me in Spanish: to be honest, we don't know the Lords ways, but we know one thing...God the Eternal Father and Jesus Christ truly did visit Joseph Smith. And we know this because we know the Book of Mormon is true. If this book is true, then Joseph Smith truly was a prophet. Not to mention, in the Book of Mormon Laman and Lemuel saw an angel, and both of them ended up denying the Spirit. Visions do not convert people, the still small voice of the Holy Ghost coverts people.
It's amazing to see the Lord's hand in bringing people to Christ. I really am just an instrument in his hands. I'm here to do his will.
Anyways I hope things are going well in the outside world. Keep praying. God exists and wants to help you, but first you have to trust him.
I love this Gospel and encourage everyone to learn about it.
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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