May 31, 2012 Letter

Well, I'll be honest this past week has been a little tougher. I've found it harder to recognize the Spirit at times because you're so heavily immersed in it here at the MTC.  But everytime I feel a waver in my testimony, one principle keeps popping up: the divine reality of the "Book of mormon". Elder Holland made an excellent point that without believing in the Book of Mormon or the fact that our Church was literally restored through Jospeh Smith directly by Jesus Christ, our church has NOTHING! This is why, as missionaries we are always encouraged to use the Book of Mormon; once you sincerely believe in the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, there is no way you can deny the Church without lying to yourself. I challenge everyone to read it if they haven't already, or if so, read it again. Whenever you feel doubt about whether this Church is true... reflect on the Book of Mormon, it is living evidence of it's divinity.
The MTC is hodling up great. Fun little joke I heard from my cousin Katie Palmer: Jeremiah 4:19 perfectly describes what the MTC food does to you after a few weeks:)
I am loving this mission; my relationship with God increases every day becoming more personal and real.
I had a chance to hear some of the claims by the protestors outside the MTC on Sundays. One of their points is that God is not human and never was. For me, how can you even consider yourself a Child of God if not at first acknowledging the physical human body of God. True, he's not a natural man, he is glorious and perfect, and we can become like him through our works and the Atonement of Christ.
Spanish is going pretty well. I spoke nearly all day on Tuesday in Spanish, and I was surprised at how natural it's becoming. I'm sure I'll eat my own words once I actually get to Oklahoma and listen to natives speaking twice as fast.
But yeah things are going great, nothing quite exciting to report I'm afraid. I'll just say that the more I serve on this mission, the better it gets:)
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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