Week 66 - Quail Creek, Oklahoma - October 7, 2013

Mi querida familia, Conference!!! Wow I was so spiritually uplifted this weekend, and I am so glad for the prophetic insight we received for the future. I can't wait to apply what we've learned. It's been a smooth transition to being a zone leader. I'm really excited to serve with Elder Kennedy, he's been out 20 months and he has a great grasp on missionary work. He's been converted over the course of his mission and I'm excited to learn from him. Like I mentioned the area I'm serving in is almost exactly the same area I served in when I was here almost a year ago when I was in the Spanish branch. What's even cooler is that my first son (missionary that I trained) Elder Pierce is still serving in the Branch and he's in my zone! He's become such a great missionary and he's become a great district leader as well. Wow, I love finding joy in my posterity:) Even more strange coincidence, there are two other missionaries in my zone that are also from Sandy/ Cottonwood heights and they even went to Brighton! Sister Cooper and Elder Finnlinson (I think thats how you spell it) Also the ward missionary leader in our ward went to Brighton High school as well: Brother Brandon Boyer. It's like a huge reunion! It's great and I can't wait to serve here. The ward is awesome! The members are loving and have a great excitement for missionary work. We have a few baptismal dates coming up and I can't wait to see miracles here. We had an investigator come to Conference yesterday! His name was D'Quan, and he's one of our most solid investigators right now. He is reading the Book of Mormon, and even more he is receiving revelation from the Book of Mormon! A few days back he mentioned how he had read 2 Nephi 2 and was really struck by the explanation of Adam and Eve. He mentioned how before he thought Adam was making a stupid mistake in eating the fruit, but he realizes now how we need to have sorrow in order to know joy!!! Touchdown! Then when he came to conference...it was really funny. He actually slept for most of the morning session, but then we woke him up for President Monson. He was dead focused for the entire talk. Afterwards we asked him how he liked it. He more or less answered "It was actually really interesting. I had always thought of God as sort of a stoic God, someone who doesn't feel emotion or really cares about us. But know I get it. He wants us to follow him, he is pleading that we follow him because he loves us." As he spoke this words Elder Kennedy and I looked at eachother and smiled. On the outside we were like "Uh huh, yep you're right." But on the inside we were like "WAHOOO! YES HE'S FEELING THE HOLY GHOST AND IS GONNA BE BAPTIZED! (insert fireworks, part horns and choirs of Hallelujah:) It's such a special moment when you hear others bear their testimony for the first time. After conferance we asked if D'quan had any refferals and he said that he was going to try and get his mom to listen. Man, I'm so excited to be hear. The only problem is the D'Quan doesn't have a car or cell phone, so its very hard to stay in contact with him. PLEASE pray for him! He is receiving the spirit and we need to just pray that the fire stays lit. Now real quick I have a few comments on conference. It seemed to me that a lot of the of the talks had a reoccurring theme of avoiding the philosophies of men, and to hold on to your faith. "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." President Uchtdorf's talk especially seemed very prophetic. I think that there is going to be some event or movement that is going to really challenge the beliefs of the Church. We need to stay strong and hold fast to our beliefs. Philisophical ideas, and laws cannot replace God's law. It is unchangeable. I also feel that the fmaily is going to be the only safe haven from the ideologies of this world. We need to be sure that our family life stays centered on the Gospel. There was a General Authority who talked about how skipping one sacrament meeting led to inactivity in the Church... we have to be careful. I also loved Elder Bednar's talk. In general, the principle I got is this. The commandments help change us spiritually so that we can change our circumstances. Paying tithing doesn't miraculously change our circumstances (although we can receive miracles) but more often than not it helps us stay humble so that we can act in faith and change our circumstances. I love it! The gospel is true! Also Elder Ocha's talk was very prophetic as well. Avoid anti-material about Joseph Smith as you would pornography. We must examine the fruits rather than the rantings of false accusers. And there were many other insights, I could go on and on. This church is true! Come join with us! Feel of the light and truth that come from living the restored Gospel. Les quiero mucho! Con Amor, Elder Powley

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