Week 10 - Oklahoma City - Sept 10, 2012

Mi Querida Familia,
It's been another great week in the South. Our key indicator numbers weren't that high, but we had some great experiences nonetheless. The first of which was the Branch Talent Show!
What a fun night! It took a lot of stress leading up to the event, but once performance time hit, everything ran very smoothly. Elder Chapman and I sang a little song about La Doctrina de Cristo while my companion played the ukalalie. It goes a little like this:
Me encanta aprender el Evangelio.
En nuestras vidas, es el proposito.
Empieza con la fe, con la fe , con la fe,
crees in las cosas que no ves, que no ves que no ves,
pero sabes que existe.
Y con esta fe, tienes que cambiar,
y contra malavidas, tu puedes conquistar, si hermano,
Arrepientete Arrepientete, arrepientete
Com dice Dios Arrepientete
Por que nadie es perfecto
El es nuestra Ejemplo, lo seguimos en todo que hacemos
tal como el bautismo y todos otros convenios
como el Espiritu, Espiritu, Espiritu
Como companero, Espiritu
Te guiara en lo que es bueno
Sigue mi hermano, a Dios y haz lo justo
Sigue, Sigue por la vida,
Es la Doctrina...De Cristo!
y trae salvacion, y trae la vida eterna.
Good song. I 'll have to see if I can get the video file from someone.
We also did a little skit as a District. We basically acted out a typical day in the mission field, in a sort of silent film style with a piano playing in the background. The Branch got a real kick out of it! We included scenes such as door apporaches, getting chased by dogs, getting our bikes stolen, getting Dear Johned and getting a referral. It was awesome. I also played a little John Schmidt for them as well as accompanied a member of our Branch that sings opera. I'll have to see if I can get the recording to you guys, it was a really a lot of fun.
But even better, Elder Chapman and I were able to get one of our investigators to come to the activity. He's an older man named Pancho who's wife left him a few months ago. He's pretty lonely, so it was great to see him come out and have a good time. The Elder's Quorum President did an amazing job in fellowshipping him. While me and my companion were out an about performing, the EQP jumped right in and made sure Pancho was included. The EQP introduced him to a few other members and it turns out...Pancho was old friends with one of the members! It was so touching to me to see what a big difference members make in missionary work. Hopefully this experience helps him feel more comfortable and willing to come to Church.
Overall, the Talent Show helped solidify Branch relationships with eachother as well as with the missionaries.
On Saturday, I also got special permission to go up to Stillwater and accompany President Taylor's son for a musical number in a Stake Conference he was speaking at. So I got to leave the city for the first time in my mission and ride up with President and his family. They are such an awesome family and were very kind.
I also got a chance to work with my old companion Elder Black for a little bit before the meeting. We got to sit in on a great lesson as well as try a few houses. It was great to see him and catch up on all the work going on in our areas.
And then time came for the musical number. I was so grateful for the opportunity to perform and share my testimony with the congregation through music. The President's son is an amazing singer who plays most of the lead roles in his school musicals. We literally didn't practice beforehand and pulled off and incredibly powerful song.
Spending time with the Taylor family was nice, but also a little nostolgic. I was remeinded of my family and the great bond that we all share. There really is nothing more sweet than the relationships you have with your family. I am learning that more and more, as I travel through the months without seeing my own family. I'll admit I got a little home sick, but I know that when I get back, our relationships will still be their and even twice as strong as they were before.
Now as for actually missionary work. Jose, the golden investigator we found a few weeks ago came to Church again on his own. Had a great time, the members fellowshipped him, and he even participated yet again during Gospel Principles. I later learned that his wife is actually not interested in the Gospel; however, this hasn't shaken Jose the leastest bit. He has a little trouble understanding the Book of Mormon, but he shows incredible faith and desire to learn. He prays for the ability to understand. It's so incredible to witness the Gospel really affect someone's life.
Now, you're probably wondering about all those incredible finding experiences I've mentioned in my past emails. I'm sad to report that we've been un able to really contact those people in any meaningful way. I'm learning very quickly that it's very easy to find people and set appointments, but nearly 85% of all first contacts turn into failed return appoinments and we're stuck trying to re-contact them at random times during the week. Half the time we don't see them. Patience and dilligence are some attributes that I'm having to learn and develop a lot more fully.
As usual, my understanding of the Gospel is growing each and every day. Every day I witness the love of God whether its through spending time with my companion, teaching a great lesson, seeing an investigator coming to church, or having a simple prayer with a stranger, or having a prayer by myself. I feel my Saviors Love!
Some great things are in store for our area. We met this awesome family this week where the Grandmother is very open to the idea that God speaks to prophets in our day. Mainly because she said she has seen God, but that's a whole other story. Anyways she is very religious and wants to hear our message. We hope to teach some of the families of her children as well. They all live on the same street, so it'll be easier for us missionaries to keep ttack of them.
Anyways, Oklahoma is cooling down and things are continuing to go well.
Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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