Week 6 - Oklahoma City - Aug 13, 2012

Mi Querida Familia,
Hola! We had a really good week. Yesterday...I had my first baptism for Alberto. He's a nine-year kid who loves video games and the Gospel. And let me tell you, he has the strongest testimony in any 9-year kid I've ever met...that would include myself when I was his age. He was ready to get baptised at least a month ago, before even his mom accepted the invitation. So Elder Black and I have been teaching him all the lessons for the past month and it's been such a blast! I actaully taught my first Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity lessons ever with Alberto. They were actually really fun lessons. For Word of Wisdom, he said "I don't understand why y'all can't drink beer.. it makes you tell the truth." And then for Law of Chastity, we basically told him straight up that you aren't allowed to have sexual relations before or outside the bonds of marriage. He's first reaction was "Are you for real? That's messed up!" It was so funny to hear that coming from him, but it also shows what kind of environment he's living in with his school and in Oklahoma...it's not you're typical Mormon Utah school playground. Some of the things he told us really shocked me. Nonetheless, he is dedicated to keep the commandments, and Elder Black and I love him a lot.
The service was very spiritual. Alberto and Maria, Alberto's mom, were both baptized. Elder Black had the privielage of performing the baptism for Alberto, and then Alberto's older brother got to baptize Maria. It was quite an experience. The Spririt was definately testifying with every passing moment that this is the right path to go. This Church has the authority to perform saving ordinances, I have no doubt about that.
Although we were extremely busy this week preparing for the baptism, Elder Black and I also found any incredible family of new investigators. The Mom and Dad have a 1 year old son and live in very humble circumstances. The usually keep themselves pretty hushed up because they don't like the neighborhood they live because of the many "berrachos" (people who are drunk). The story is actually really cool. We met them through a Heavenly Gift. We prayed for them to find their medicine for their child who was sick. We left it at that. We then returned a few days later. We knocked twice and no one answered, and just as we were about to turn around, I felt the distinct impression to knock a third time. So we did, and the door opened. They had been taking a nap and were simply getting ready to let us in. I am convinced if I did not knock, we never would have contacted them again.
So we go in and learn that literally 5 imnutes after we said a prayer the first time we visted, they found their medicine. And so they were very open to hearing about the Gospel. We shared a first lesson, the Dad (whoes name is Eli) is tons of fun. He asked if my companion was married (because of the ring he has on his right hand) we jokingly said he had 5. eli laughed so hard, it was great. Anyways we taught the First Lesson and they felt the Spirit incredibly strong. They notice the Spririt when we are in their home, and I am really excited to see how they progress. Eli is extremely nervous about praying and setting a baptismal date, but I think if we keep fellowshipping him with members, he'll gain more confidence. Man, I really hope they progress!
This past week was my first Zone Conference. And.......WOW! IT WAS SO COOL! President Taylor might become an Apostle one day, I think. He is a very inspired mission president. He talked about the Doctrine of Christ and how it's like being in a tumbler. A tumbler is a machine where you put rocks in side and then let them grind against each other until they become smooth. It was a great analogy and I learned so much. I even learned things that weren't realted to his talk. This Zone Conference really showed me how the Sprirt is able to give you revelation, if you are listening.
I also got to play piano for the whole conference. It felt SOO good to be accompanying people again. Sister Taylor gave me this version of "Called to Serve" that it is really fun to play with a killer key change into D-flat major at the end that makes you want to suit up and shoot a cannon or something. Man, it gets me pumped!
As I mentioned in the subject header, this week my transfer with Elder Black ends. (For those who don't know a transfer is 6 weeks in the same area with the same companion) He is going to become a Zone Leader in Stillwater, while I'm going to stay in Oklahoma City and finish my training. I'm going to miss Elder Black, especially his non-stop laughter and positive attitude and excitement for the work. He's helped me learn how to have fun and take the mission seriously at the same time. It's been good for me because I tend to get stressed out a lot. He'll do great at being a Zone Leader. I did learn the name of my new companion...Elder Chapman. I've heard good things about him and so I'm excited.(he will also be the next District Leader).
Anyways, great week! Can't wait to start a new transfer!
Here are some pictures! I'll try to get some with my apartment for next week. But I have here a picture of me, Elder Black and Alberto. As you can see, he's a lot of fun to be around.

Con Amor,
Elder Powley

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